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Kevin Pate has been a digital photographer since 2007 and is based out of the Pacific Northwest. His work includes captures from National Parks and other majestic landscapes, seascapes, and city-scapes. With the Pacific Northwest as his backyard, there are plenty of diverse photographic opportunities from the coastal regions, dense forests, waterfalls and rivers, mountains, to desert regions chalked full of sand dunes.

We welcome you to explore and purchase framed and unframed prints, greeting cards, and more through the online gallery. Also be sure to stay tuned to the website for upcoming exhibitions and limited edition signed prints.

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Artist Statement

Photographic Mission

To capture the amazing world around us, one image at a time, preserving a moment in time.

Where am I?
We currently split our time between the Stanwood-Camano, Washington area and Leavenworth, Washington.