Location Scouting
These are a couple iPhone snapshots we took along Icicle Creek in Leavenworth, Washington. Leavenworth is an amazing destination for outdoor enthusiasts throughout the year. However, during the winter months, this natural wonderland becomes even more enchanting as the landscape transforms into a magical winter wonderland. Surrounded by snow-capped mountains , glistening ice formations, and...
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While some people dread the winter in the Pacific Northwest, I view it as a time to embrace it. Recently, my dad and I got the snowmobiles out and hit the groomed trails around Fish Lake, located near Leavenworth, Washington. This network of trails has 186 miles of groomed trails, so far, we’ve only covered...
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English Boom is an area that has been on my photography list for awhile. I’ll be out again when there’s higher tides and the right lighting that I’m looking for. The particular shot I took for this scouting shot are the the remains from an old pier. Here’s some information on English Boom Trail County...
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About Kevin

Kevin Pate began his professional photography journey in 2007 and has built upon his design background to create breathe taking imagery. He has worked in portraiture, automotive photography, real estate, and currently focuses on landscape photography.